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Pool At off-Campus Student Housing

The Scion Group


58 West is operated by The Scion Group, an innovative national leader in high-quality student living.

Scion operates over 84,000 beds of student-focused residences at 76 campuses, specializing in upscale properties with a commitment to positive residence life, and has advised colleges, universities and private residential developers on over 200 campuses across the United States and in Canada, Mexico and the U.K. The management team is local, experienced and dedicated to customer service.

Choosing a Scion community means:

  • Convenience: On-site amenities, bundled utilities, online payment and maintenance requests – we worry about the details so you can focus on what counts.
  • Quality: Well built and well maintained residences, where professional on-site staff are available 24×7 and safety is a priority.
  • Value: Get more for your money – spacious residences, high quality, best amenity packages and a professional level of service.
  • Respect: Student residents are adult customers who deserve our full respect, in an independent environment that supports educational pursuits and social interaction.

Apply Now

Apply now to secure your preferred placement, and we'll waive the deposit.

New applicants only; limit one resident per bedroom. Housing Agreement must be fully signed while this limited-time promotion is in effect. Approved guarantor or increased administrative fee required. All agreements are subject to management approval under regular application policies. Special offers, including discounted rates, may not be combined.


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